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here is the article about the veggieworld in english. The VeggieWorld was at saturday and sunday. Who of you visited the fair? We did it=) And it was a great day there.

The ticet which cost for adults 12€, was also a lot for the Tombola. They give away cool products you can also buy on the fair. We did not win something but it was intresting. They give away chocolate, bags, tea, spices, Advent calendar, T-Shirts, spreads and more. COngratulation for all who won something.

Next we visit the veggieWorld and tried Food and looked at the different stands.

There were seaweed with 3calories but we did not liked them because of their strange taste.

Wonig is a honey alternative which was very sticky like honey and have different tasted like apple gingerbread, cinemon, dandelion, sunflower seeds, … Very different tastes but they tasted very delicious

Quorn had a stand with vegan Nuggets and Filets and the Nuggets tasted very good, maybe not 100% like Nuggets but so good, good consistent and delicious. We did not like the filet because of the missing taste and the consistent was a bit to hard

Barnhouse: Granola: different Kinds with good taste, but the taste is not enough intensiv for us

Hej Bite: bars: four Kinds: ginger, saltet almonds, madagascar vanilla, coconut, we most like the madagascar vanilla but all were good, ginger was only a bit to new for us, so we did not like thetaste of ginger, sadly ist a bit expensive

IChoc: different Kinds: vanilla, oreo, haselnut, normal, … IChoc is everytime deliciuos =)

3 Bears: different porrigdes but a bit expensiv

Wheaty: Very good meat alternatives which have a very good consistent and tasted so good also they maybe not taste 100%  like meat, we most like they weenie sausages because of they have a perfect consistent and a spicy taste, the cheese was also good, fusible and a bit like meat

Provegan, Petazwei, Greenpeace and more were there and told about their activities and about the animal industrie

Best Ice Shop: vegan (with waffle), healthy, cool Kinds and soo delicious
That is the salted peanut ice, very good, a bit to sandy consistenz, not really a salt taste and the best: The half ice fall down after one Minute because like you see in the Picture they put the ice not stable on the waffle
The truth is we did not like this meal from a stand in the veggie world because it does not taste so good. The Rice was to crumbly, the goulash was to much watering and to spicy, the Curry tasted good, good spice and yummy vegetable, the vegetable in dough was the best. The dough was so delicious. The hard flat bread was spicy and tasted also ok




















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