Vegan Energy balls

Hello dear readers,

Today we show you a delicious recipe for vegan energy balls which needs only three ingredients🙌 Of course you can improve them with dried fruits, nuts, nut butter, seeds,… And  create your own Favourite. The elementary recipe is:

Nutritions Cashews

Calories: 571kcl

Proteins: 17,2g

Fat: 42,2g

Carbs: 30,5g

Nutritions dates

Calories: 290kcl

Proteins: 1,9g

Carbs: 65g

Fat: 0,5g

Nutritions cacao powder

Calories: 360kcl

Proteins: 20g

Carbs: 8,8g

Fats: 21g

Time: 10min

Amount: 16 little balls


  • 150g Cashews
  • 140g dates
  • 10g cacao powder


Soaking the cashews for five minutes and liquidize them in a bowl. Add the dates and liquidize them too. Sieve the cacao powder in the bowl and knead the ingredients to a dough. Make out of the dough balls.

Yours Tofuzwillinge