Restaurant in Xi’an

Hello Reader,

today we show you the vegan Food in a Restaurant in Xi’an. The Restaurant was the favourite Food place for our Group and so we ate very often there. 3 evening from 4 =) And every time it was so delicious that it was heavy to miss them.

That is Aubergine with beans. A bit spicy but so good. They were seared so good
Tofu. We very liked this Kind f Tofu. Not mushi more gummy and so delissious spicy
This is the green of the sweet potato which lookes out of the ground and this is much salted  and it tasted a bit like egg (but it is not egg in it). We really loved this
We do not know what Kind of vegetable this is, but how this Restaurant it prepare, was it good. It lookes like a small cucumber and this was spicy, but good
You remember the Dates- Rice? So, this is the date- bread. This is a fluffy sweet bread with Dates in it. It tasted very intresting and was for the most of us so delicious
We ate them usely because of the garlic because garlic and this Rice noodles tasted so good and we wanted the Train for us alone =) Around the noodles were this strange green vegetable we showed you first.

















I dont know what it is. Very green and yummy.
And this is our savour! Without Rice we would die because of the spicy =)
oh, oh, oh, you throught the Dates Rice was good, then you do not know the corn- pancakes. They are the best of the best. They are sweet and fluffy and have a taste you cant describe. Maybe they out of corn flavour. I think so because of the Name. But you Need to try this




















Your Tofuzwillinge