Interview with Sophia Hoffmann

Hey guys and gales,

do know Sophia Hoffmann? She came from Munich and is a vegan cook, author, Food Consultant, gastro moderator. After she had moved to Wien, she found in Berlin a new home.

2014 and 1016 were her two cookbooks „Sophias Vegane Welt“ and „Quenn Vegan“ published and she use You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, her blog, Twitter and Pinterest. She is active for sustainable, conscious everyday life. And also the equilaty and the social justice is important for her. The rule „You should not eat with Food“ is nonsence for her. We should experient with Food and be creativ and phantasyful with Food and make great Food. If you Need much creativity: Sophia make cooking curses and Thinner- Evenings 😉

So the way we have known her was that we loaned a book from the libery from her and found her creativ phantasyful recipes. We found her cooking stil cool.

That was on the vegan summer Event where she cooked a delicious meal we were allowed to try and then we took this great Picture























  1. What was you finally reason to go vegan?

I did not decide over night, it was a slowly transitional from eating fewer meat to became vegetarian to a vegetable Lifestyle. 2010 I red a article in „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ that explained the Connections between livestock farming and climate Change, that was a Aha- moment. And in the book „Tiere Essen“ from Jonathan Safran Foer was the sentence „only a sick animal is a controllable animal“, that related on the antibiotics using in mass animal husbandry. I found it deepy unethical which had consequenz for me.

2. What is you favourite Food?

Boah, that is heavy for me to narrow. I am in love with fresh vegetable and like it to go Shopping on markets, to sniff and take Food in Hands. I like normal Food to make something new out of this like potatoes, carrots, also beetroot and red cabbage because they are colorful. I am crazy for spices and Kind of salts…

3. Which recipe do you spezially like to cooking?

Professional I like to cook more Elaborate Food like selfmade filling Pasta or I bake colorful bread, but when I want private a fast dish I love to put only vegetable in the oven with some herbs, garlic and oliveoil and with fresh salat.

4. When you can choose between your favourite Food and a new precipitated foood. What would you choose?

Of Course the new one. I am very curious for culinary Food and want to learn more about this.

5. Do you eat sometimes replacement products like vegan cheese or vegan meat?

Very rare and also how much the product is processed is, like how much addivites a important role. Tofu is for me no replacement product. It is for me a great staple Food when it is good produced. I am angry about the bad Image about Tofu what it have here althought it has in asian a old Tradition.

I distinguish between plastic cheese which consist out of flavors and plantfat and mature cheese out of cashew Basics. Or soy Joghurt with much sugar and flavors vs. natural fermented cocos Joghurt without additiv. I read the ingedrients very accurate…

6. Do you cook much with your favourite Color?

I have so much favourite Colors and so- yes- I like it to cook colurful, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, even turkees I made- it can not be enough colorful.

I have a own categorie for this on my blog

Do you know my pruple bred?

7. Did you can imagine that you go vegan when you was a child?

When I was a child i did not know what this is but I think, yes. I always had empathy for animals. I saved insects out of water instead of splash in it and made much friendsship with cats on street in south of Germany. And I hold a Baby pig in my arms, a unforgettable remember…

8. Do you watch for Palm oil?

Yes, I try to use no products with Palm oil. I also watch for ecobalance from products and buy as possible saisonial and regional. Fair Trade is also important for me, not only animals suffer in konventional Food industry but also humans. To buy bio save at least a lower limit from environmentprotection and Fairness.

9. How would be your dream Party?

That question say the Frame of the interview, but first social agierend and sustaind. The social justice is on the world horrible in lopsided and the reason for lot conflicts. No matter wether it is going around the humans in developing countries which were rapt or the tax-favored Nation from big companis. For sad Money governed to much the world.

10. How do you see the climate Change?

Past I had the luck to see the nobel peace Pricer and climatprotector AL Gore at a premier of his second docu about this Topic live. Althought all this terrible developments he shine a unbelievable optimisms. We all should cut a Disc of them, but we have to much to do. But every step is important. Every not incurred away travel, every not eating Steak, every recycled product…

11.Do you have favourite animals and animals you do not like?

I love Dogs and cats in both measure. I also find pigs charming. Food mots and vine fretter are not my best friends.

12. What do you do to make a bad day to a good day?

I bethink of all the great think on the world: Love, friendship, laughing, flowers and sparrows which pipe in front of my window. And also sweating at joga and Meditation. I have heard that past only from other People, but since I do it myself, I know it help to feel happier and balanced.

13 In parts of Asian the People eat Dogs and cats. Do you find this Kind of meat spezially bad or do you think that is the same like killing pigs?

No, I find it comletely comparable, it is only a sozial embossment to feel for some animals more empathy than for other. I interviewed the great activist Dr.Melanie Joy who wrote a book to this Topic.


14. What is your opinion to animalprotection Organisation PETA?

Peta done incredible important work and is the popularest animalprotection Organisation. I Need not to be conform with all Actions of PETA but I found their work very important and I made Videos with them:


 Do you have a role model?

I can not restrict in one answer. I find humans great who engage consequent for Things, to burn for something. And of Course there are in gatronomy great role models. For examble the New Yorker cook Gabrielle Hailiton- she is not vegan, but have sustained cooking philosophy and recycled in her Restaurant „Prune“ really everything and make this extrem relaxed. A impressiv woman!

15. Do you think that veganisms can Change the world?

I think that the reduction of animal products and theincluding industry much can Change, but only veganisms is not enough. We Need to think about a sustained conscious consumption. FEwer rubbish, fair Commercial Terms and economy conditions for humans in development countries, under the line fewer consumption. Plunder does not make luckily, only more rubbish, wether vegan or not.

16. What would you doing if your doctor advise against the vegan Lifestyle?

I would Change the doctor!

But I have a reasonable home doctor where I test sometimes my bloodvalues and everytime they are fine. Then he say to me: „Mrs Hoffmann, we can do this, but I do not think that this is necesssary for you, You come so rare to me, you are easily healthy.“

So, this was our interview with Sophia Hoffmann. I hope you like it =)
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