Cannelloni with mushroom filling

Indigrents for ca. 6 people:

-For the filling-
•1 onion
•120g soy granules
•2tbl soy sauce
•1tbl paprika powder
•1tbl dried basil
•1tbl frozen herbs
•some pepper
•1 pack of mushrooms (400g)
•230g broccoli
•1 1/2 packs of soy cream (300ml)

-For the sauce-
•1 onion
•1 shallot
•1tbl+1tsp soy sauce
•1 kohlrabi
•2 zucchini
•6 tomatoes
•1/2 tin of chopped tomatoes
•1 pack of sieved tomatos
•50ml vegetable stock

•1-2 baking dishes

Soaking the soy granules.
Roast the soy granules with the onion. Spice up with soy sauce, herbs and pepper.
Cut the mushrooms in Cubs and the broccoli in fine pieces. When the suit granules well fried can you give the mushrooms and broccoli in the pan. Then mix in the soy cream.

Roast the onion and the shallot. Then mix in the soy sauce.
Cut the kohlrabi put these with the zucchini in the pan. Spice up.
Mix in the tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, sieved tomatoes and the vegetable stock. Let it simmer.

Press the cannelloni against the baking dish and put careful the filling in there. Do that with the others.
After all cannelloni are filled, spread out the sauce in them.
Bake the cannelloni in the preheated oven on 200°C for 30minutes.

Enjoy your meal💚✨

Tofuzwillinge 🌱🐽