Broccoli burger with creamy potatomash

Hello guys and ladies,
We have a nice recipe for you for patties out of brokkoly. And this with very cremy potato mash. So you need to try it😉

Time: 1h (inclusive cooking)
Persons: 2 Person
Calories: no count

– 130g brokkoly
– 2 unions
– 110g breadcrumbs
– Spices:  TK herbs, soy sauce, pepper, salt, paprika, curry

– 600g Potatoes
– 200ml Soybeanmilk
Salt, pepper

Cut the onion and cook them in the pan. Mash the onion and the brokkoli and mix them with spices and breadcrumbles. Make bratlinge out of them and cook it in the pan.

Cook the potatoes and then mash them with spices and soybeanmilk.

I am sorry for no pictures but we forgott😩

Yours Tofuzwillinge