Why I should become vegan? Top 4 reasons to become vegan.

The first and the most popular reason: Animals!

Have you ever seen a video about intensive farming? It‘s not beautyful but you have to. We underestimate the suffering. Animals don‘t have much place and live in their own excrements.

Male chicks live less than one day. They are shredded, gasified or burned because they don‘t have an economic benefits. Calves are separate from their mums so they can‘t drink „our“ milk.

They are live in small boxes 

Male calves are slaughtered after few months.

It’s not natural anymore






Long transports without water and feed are exhausting for animals. Also slaughter doesn’t run according to plan. 80% of them are killed with fully conscious.


For most of us important: Health

Vegans statistical less common suffer from overweight because their calories consist of vegetables, grain and fruits. A vegan diet excludes cholesterol because only animal products contain cholesterol. Vegans have a smaller risk to suffer from heart disease and cancer.

Again and again we’ve heard about vegans whose health problems get better because of the vegan diet. If it’s true I can’t say but it’s not so erroneous.

Vitamin deficiency and protein deficiency are not part in a balanced vegan diet. Everyone should supplement B12 and vegans take up protein over legumes, soy and Seitan.

A most importent topic: Environment

Animal feed cultivatio needs many ressources. The rainforest is cut down because of fields to plant soy for animals.  Thus is the prejudice that the rainforest cut down for our soy a lie. We destroy the „green lung“ of this planet. It’s a strange metapher but it’s fit to our situation.

Also animals need much water and greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and laughing gas are pushed out.

And the last reason: People

850Mio are starving while we spend 16kg of grain in 1kg meat.