Brussels sprouts- potatogratin

Hello dear reader,
Now is also the time of sprouts and so we cooked much gratin with sprouts and potatoes.

Time: 30min+ 45min baking
Amount: 1-2 Forms (depends on size)
Calories: ca. 800kcl per Portion


  • 1500g potatoes
  • 1kg Brussels sprouts
  • 2 onions
  • 200g champignons
  • 1 1/2 Pck. Soy cream
  • 250g vegan cheese
  • Salt, pepper, herbs

Heat the oven on 180°. Cook water. Cut potatoes into quarters and cook them with Brussels sprouts in the hot water. Cut onion in little parts and mushrooms in slices and cook them in the pan. Mix the vegetables. Mix soy cream, cheese, salt, pepper and herbs to a cream. Mix cream and vegetables and fill it in the forms. Bake the gratin 45min in the oven.

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