Attila Hildmann: vegan Curry rice noodles

Hi Guys,

We got at Christmas the calendar of Attila Hildmann and tried now to cook the first recipe and this is the result.

This was very delicious and a new kind of taste, but a good new kind of taste.

The preparing need some time and some different ingredients. The avocado and the coconutmilk ist for the good fat, the Red cabbage and the cabbage turnips are good for Vitamins and fiber, Tofu has much proteins, mungo Präsentation spreats are good for proteins, fiber and nutrients.

Time: 1h

Amount: 2 Persons

Calories: 1.008kcl per Person



2 cloves of garlic

2TL Curry paste (Alternative Curry powder)

3EL soy sauce

300ml cocosmilk

A pinch of salt

180g Red cabbage

160g cabbage turnip

80g Aubergine

160g Tofu nature

2EL olive oil

200g Rice noodles

140g Cherry tomatoes

160g mung bean sprouts

1 Avocado

Some Sesame


Give peeled garlic, Curry paste, 1EL soy sauce, Cocos milk, salt and 140ml water in a Mixer. Put the cuury coconutsauce in a big Pot und Cut the cabbage turnips in Sticks, the aubergine in pieces and the Red cabbage in slices. Cook them into coconutsauce. Cut the Tofu in slices and brate them in Pan to they get brown. Give the Rest of soy Sauce over them. Cook water and cook noodles according introductions.

In this time Cut tomatoes in quarter and give them with tofu and sprouts in coconutsauce.

Cut the Avocado in slices and Services the noodles with the Sauce. Decorate it with the avocado and Sesam.

Your Tofuzwillinge

Für dich vielleicht ebenfalls interessant...