When a Hedgehog lives at you

Hello Readers,

today talking about the hedgehog in the autum. Some hedgehogs are to small or hurt so the humans help them to get fit. Of Course not all hedgehogs have luck and survive the winter because they die because of sicks or they have not so much power. But without the humans they have no Chance, so this is a good work.

May be you know, when not we tell you: In the last winter we took a hedgehog at our home and fed him so much to sleep. He slept to April so we had not to do so much with him. Because of our Little hedgehog slept so Long (we only find it so Long, in real it was normal) we had much fear that our sweet friend may be died. So in the end of March we looked in the box. He did not move. Our heart ran. A noise. Again. We looked and Max, the hedgehog moved. That was a really happy Moment of our live. We had give Max a home and helped him to live. Now he is in freedom. It was hard to say good bye but it was right and so he is now free in a beautiful garden. We hope that he survive also this winter.

When you also want to help a hedgehog you only Need to call a survival Station of hedgehogs. When you have a cold place in sure for him and give him dog Food, Vitamins, Water and calc, you only Need to clear his carbage with News paper and Change his paper home. Give him also some toys like nuts and leaves. And dont get Panic when he does not eat. May be he already sleep.

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