Milk VS Plant milk

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this is a text about the different between cow milk and soy milk. Most People here in Germany drink cow milk but why? Is Plant milk or cow milk healthier and what is better for the Environment?

Cow milk is our Calcium giver, or not? Is cow milk important for us? Can we die without cow milk? You know the producents of the cow milk always make Advertising how important cow milk for our Body, specially for our bones, is. They say that we can not live without that. But are they lying?

You Need to know that the Osteoporoseraten are fewer in countries where fewer People drink milk or the most People drink fewer milk. Calcium should strenghten the bones, not broke them. When you drink milk you have a highter Chance to have to few Calcium. Animal Proteins promote the excretion of Calcium. Wether cheese does not have so much Calcium most People see in them a source of Calcium.#

Plant milk have few Calcium, but some Kind of plant milk got Calcium in the production. We really like the soy milk from Alpro and DM.

Milk hurt the animals!
That is a fact, no guess. The cow live in a small carbage and her whole live she gets Babys and loses them because the humans takes them and kills the Male. The Female have the same live like their mothers. The mother has to give milk the whole time. She never sees the sun, a grass and never has freedom. She misses her Babys but they never Comes back. She has lose them forever. Forever is a short time. When the cow is not able to get more Babys or give not so much milk, she end as meat. So when you drink plant milk no cow must be hurt or die.

Milk has Vitamins.

Wow. Plant milk has Vitamins, too =)

What is cheaper?

We can tell you: The milk from the mass animal husbandry with lot of pain for the cow and a really bad life is cheaper than a soy milk, where the soy beans are not from the rain forrest and nobody must die.

Fazit: may be you trie to drink plant milk and say then that you dont like them. Try better more Kind of them because some tast good and some have a strange tast. That is your tast. It is of Course better when you try to drink fewer cow milk and then you buy milk from a good place.

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